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Why should I use

Because simply put, you are 100 times more likely to connect with a hot internet lead if you respond within 5 minutes! Our system never gets tired, too busy, or just plain too lazy to make immediate and follow up outbound calls. This system was designed to maximize the potential of actually speaking with your internet leads, and converting them into paying customers. After all, isn’t that the reason we all want internet leads in the first place?

What phone format do my leads need to have?

Our system requires that all your leads have a 10 digit phone # in the body of the email.  Any 10 digit format is acceptable - examples:

123 456 7890
(123) 456-7890
(123) 456 7890
(123) 456.7890

How much does it cost?

We charge $2 for each processed lead that results in a transferred call,  $1.20 per lead if your customer never picks up and we leave a voicemail left on the 8th call attempt, or $0.15 per completed dial if your customer opts-out of further calls . You are not charged if your prospects  phone # is invalid. There is also a separate $49.95 program service fee charged after your initial 30 days, and monthly thereafter.

Are there any startup fees?

No. The first 30 days of membership are free, but transferred calls will be charged from day 1. We do require a minimum of $20 to open an account that will be added to your balance to cover your first transferred call charges.

Are there any long term contracts?

No. We do not have any contracts whatsoever. You may cancel at anytime with a full refund of any remaining balance.

How will I be billed?

When your account balance falls to $6, we will auto bill your credit card the amount you have selected in your billing profile. You can change the re-bill amount at any time. Your $49.95 program service fee is a separate charge that occurs every 30 days that you remain a client.

Can I decide what days and times to receive calls?

Yes. Once you have at least one campaign set up, you can edit that campaign to tell us what days and timeframes you are available to take calls.

What is the maximum outbound dials per hour?

Our system is designed to have a maximum outbound call rate of 1 call per minute per account. To achieve this rate, you would have to be sending in 30 leads per hour which is highly unlikely.

What happens when I send in a lead to my “send-to email address”?

Our system finds your prospects phone # in the body of your email and places the first call within seconds. If the prospect answers, we will transfer them to you instantly. If they don’t answer, and we get their voicemail, we will not leave a voicemail, and we will schedule 7 more attempts at 2 hour intervals. If your prospect never picks up after 8 attempts, we will leave a voicemail on the 8th attempt and stop further calling.

What happens if a lead calls back using their caller ID?

We display your actual phone # as your outgoing caller ID from our system.  If a lead calls you back, you should delete any further pending calls to their#.  You are not charged for Caller ID callbacks.

What happens if I accidentally send in a duplicate lead?

Our system will automatically disregard any leads that you send that are already in the pending calls list.

What happens if I am unavailable to take a forwarded call?

Your phone will ring as usual and if you don’t pick up, the lead will then get your voicemail on your phone. We will charge you $2 for a transferred call regardless of whether you pick up the phone or not.

What phone # will show up on my caller ID?

We will display our EasyLeadCaller system phone #877-283-8137.  If you try to call that # back, you will get a recording that says "You have reached a number that cannot be connected". 

How do I stop my campaigns?

You can change the status of a campaign by pausing it in the campaign settings page. Once you pause a campaign, any pending calls that have not been made yet will be deleted and the calls will stop. You will have to re-activate the campaign in order for us to continue calling your leads. You can also choose to delete a campaign altogether.

How do I cancel my membership?

You must call or send an email to requesting a cancellation and balance refund. Once requested, we will promptly process the refund of your remaining balance.

How can I completely automate my outbound lead calling?

Once you have your campaigns set up and are ready to start forwarding your leads to us, we suggest you set up a forwarding rule in your email program that will forward the proper leads into the proper campaigns send to email address. Once you are automatically forwarding your leads to us, our system will take care of the rest and bring you valuable inbound calls without the time and frustration of doing it yourself.

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