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What Our Customers Have to Say

"I would rather take inbound calls any day than have to spend my valuable time making outbound calls to all of my internet leads. The fact is I`m sure EasyLeadCaller has done a better job of consistently reaching my leads than I could do myself! Now I am free to service my clients without that nagging feeling of knowing I should be calling my leads faster."

John Markowitz

Increase Your Lead Contact Rate By 100X - Automatically is an automated prospecting system designed to do one thing - make you more money by doing less.  What if you could confidently say that EVERY new lead you received would be called up to 8 times to try to make contact?  What if you could say that you follow up on EVERY new lead within 15 seconds of your prospect filling out an online form?  With - you can!  Our system never gets tired, too busy, or just plain too lazy to make immediate and follow up outbound calls. A recent study on Lead Response Management shows that you are 100 times more likely to connect with a hot internet lead if they receive a phone call from you within 5 minutes of filling out your online form.   

That`s exactly why we created - to automate that first call and get your customer connected to you while they are still sitting at their computer! Not only do we automate the first call - we make up to 8 total attempts in the event that they don`t answer the first time. Our system has been optimized to maximize your contact rates through automation of the prospecting process by forwarding your customer directly to your phone once we get them on the line.  Becoming a member is easy -  There's no contracts, No start up fees - and only $20 to get started.  Membership is FREE for the first 30 days.

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Who Can We Help?

ANY busy sales professional who receives real-time internet leads from their own website or from a lead vendor.  If you are one of these busy professionals, you know that leads tend to pile up over time and you know there has to be an easier way to make all those outbound calls consistently.  We understand that problem and offer an automated solution to give you the peace of mind knowing that each lead will be worked consistently and thoroughly to maximize your profit potential from them.  You have worked hard to get those leads - don't throw them away!

How Does It Work?

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Complete the sign up process and create your first campaign.  You will be assigned a friendly, dedicated account representative who will help you optimize your account for success.

Forward your emailed internet leads to your unique email address we provide. Our system finds the prospects phone # in the body of your email and places the first call.

When your customer picks up, we play your personalized short message, then transfer them directly to you instantly. You pick up, speak with the customer and make the sale!

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